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Our soap journey began with a passion for all things creative. My spouse and I are born creators, and since the day we met, we have done just that, together as a team. We love to grow, invent, experiment, and build whatever randomness we dream up. Over the years, a natural desire for creative freedom was growing within us and could no longer be ignored. 2 years ago, I turned to soap making to fulfill this strong desire, and with unforeseen circumstances this hobby of mine became so much more. aweSOAP quickly became a reality and I soon realized that I was incredibly lucky to have such a supportive spouse who has been fully involved every step of the way!

Throughout my years prior to starting a family, I developed a strong background in science through work in both the industrialized chemical and food industries. This experience made me hyper-aware of all the unnecessary stuff put into products we use on our bodies and in our homes. I say “stuff” because using the word chemicals can be misleading and confusing. Technically, all-natural soap is full of chemicals! Phytochemicals from plants, inorganic clays from the earth, and fatty acid compounds from oils and plant-based butters are all examples of natural chemicals that can be beneficial to your skin. Knowing which chemicals are good and which chemicals are bad can be challenging and extremely confusing. That is why we make sure that our products only contain the best and the safest ingredients that are designed by nature.  Choosing the right natural ingredients for our soap is vital to producing a product that not only protects your skin’s barrier, but also soothes the surface of your skin.

Our Mission

As a family, we are committed to making choices that support our health and environment. There is only one planet Earth and living a life that promotes sustainability is essential to us and future generations. We strive to ensure our products are natural and as sustainable as possible. Which is why you will only find recyclable/reusable, green packaging with our products. This is incredibly important to us! We believe in working hard to keep our family and planet healthy and teaching our kids to do the same.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little and we hope you enjoy our aweSOME soap as much as we enjoy making it!

From our home to your home with love & care, 

Kat & Josh

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